For Immediate Release November 6, 2012

Thereís No Splitting Hairs With This Newly Produced DVD Styling Guide
Instructional Video Provides Convenience And Confidence For Women On The Go

NAPERVILLE, IL. – Kathleen Franklin’s day began early. After the alarm clock buzzed her out of bed, she showered and spent too much time styling her hair. Yet it still fell flat.

Now her routine is the same, but Kathleen sleeps in a little later – thanks to Learn How To Roundbrush & Blowdry Like a Pro. This unique interactive DVD series helps women get the hairstyle they want in the comfort of their homes.

The DVD is the creation of Carrie Paul, owner and founder of Salon Intuitions and Carrie has worked in the hairstyling business for nearly two decades. What distinguishes her video is Paul’s demonstration of the round-brushing techniques on her own medium-length hair. The same hand positions are used with hair of any length. She gives viewers a clear perspective so they can practice the round brush maneuvers and design their favorite style.

Carrie Paul“Women don’t want to learn by watching a professional stylist do someone else’s hair, “Paul said. “People learn best when they try these techniques on themselves.

“My paramount goal is to help women feel great about themselves,” said Paul. “While it’s important for women to visit their hairstylists on a regular basis, it’s not always practical and convenient and economical to do so.”

Paul designed this video to be easily understood. Segments are separated by chapters, with non biased reviews and the DVD is currently available in English, with a Spanish version coming soon. The DVD also includes a handy shopping guide insert, which provides detailed information on the types of hair products she uses and why she uses them.

Carrie PaulOne of the significant additions to Learn How to Roundbrush & Blowdry Like a Pro is that Paul has created a “cheat sheet” for women to hang near their mirrors while styling. It’s a useful tool when viewing the video is not possible.

Paul’s video was featured on the, Living in Style, television show and received national critical acclaim from professionals in her field and praise from countless customers. She believes the updated DVD offers something of greater value than time-saving convenience: confidence.

“My aim is to teach others how to get the same salon styled look – by their own hands – as if they just stepped out of their favorite salon,” Paul said.

Paul donates a portion of video proceeds to a few select adoption agencies. These agencies give assistance to couples who wish to have children but find it difficult to afford the initial expensive out-of-pocket costs.

To learn more, contact:
Carrie Paul
2035 S. Washington St., Suite 7
Naperville, IL 60565