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ERNI Offers New MiniMez Board-to-Cable Connector
Blindmate and Non-Blindmate option give ultimate flexibility

Singapore, August 1, 2011 – ERNI is expanding its robust 1.27 mm Blindmate connector system, MiniMez, by offering board-to-cable solution. The new solution inherits the excellence of board-to-board MiniMez connectors with robust thick side walls to ensure polarized mating without worry of housing wall breakage. It is available in the popular configuration of male connector with PCB termination and female connector with flat cable IDC termination.

ERNI is offering unparalleled pin count of up to 100 positions for this new board-to-cable MiniMez connector Blindmate version. The integrated ejectors provide secure mating for high vibration application and easy unmating of the connector pair. The robust cable guide ensures complete termination of cable and eliminates the need for additional strain relief. Customer may choose from the standard pin number of 10, 20, 26, 40, 50, 68, 80 or 100. Other pin numbers are available upon request.

For pin number 68 or less, customer may consider the Non-Blindmate, without ejector version as the cost effective board-to-cable connector solution. This Non-Blindmate, without ejector version which retains the robust cable guide design, polarized yet occupies less space, is suitable for normal applications with minimal or no vibration. The utmost beauty is the ultimate flexibility for customer to change their mind anytime from Blindmate to Non-Blindmate solution or vice-versa, as the PCB footprints for both solutions are completely compatible.

For PCB termination of male connector, engineer can select SMT for maximum PCB real estate usage or DIP solder for extra mechanical strain relief. Optionally, PCB locking clip is available for the SMT termination to take advantage of maximum PCB real estate usage while not compromising on the PCB retention force. In addition, SMT termination coplanarity is 100% guaranteed, less than 0.15 mm on all contacts.

To complement this new MiniMez Board-to-Cable connector solution, the IDC cable assembly service is readily available from ELSA ERNI System located in Beijing. Customization of cable type, cable length and configuration is made easy with local support. With this, ERNI offers one-stop-solution and solves customer’s hassle to source for other cable assembly vendor. Samples and small volume of standard pin numbers can be delivered within 1 week time.


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The operating temperature range is specified as between -55 to +125°C. Black colour insulator housing allows fast and reliable visual recognition. The connectors are delivered in tube packaging. Tape-and-reel packaging with pick-and-place cap for fully automatic SMT assembly is also available.

About ERNI

ERNI is a leading global manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, data communications, computer, industrial and medical markets. ERNI has manufacturing operations in Europe as well as sales offices in over 40 countries. ERNI products are also marketed via a worldwide network of representatives and leading distributors. Further information is available at

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