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March 17, 2015

Coilcraft Introduces New SMT Current Sense Transformers at APEC 2015

Cary, IL, USA - Coilcraft is launching its new CST2010 Series of current sense transformers this week at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Coilcraft is located in Booth 1107.

CST2010 SeriesThe devices detect switching current up to 40 Amps over a frequency range of 50 to 500 kHz while also isolating circuits electrically, resulting in up to 10X lower power dissipation than current sense resistors. This makes them ideal for switched-mode power supply applications, including feedback control, overload detection, and load drop/shut down detection.

The compact, surface mount CST2010 Series has a 14.55 X 19.91 mm footprint with a maximum height of 10.50 mm. Coilcraft offers eleven turns ratios (primary-to-secondary) within the series ranging from 1:20 to 1:200. The CST2010 Series also offers 500 Vrms isolation between windings and very low primary DC resistance (0.00036 Ohms). It features RoHS compliant tin-silver, over tin, over nickel, over phos bronze terminations and has an ambient temperature rating of -40°C to +125°C.

As with all Coilcraft parts, free evaluation samples are available online at Parts are available from stock and can be ordered online at or by calling Coilcraft sales.

In addition to the CST2010 Series, Coilcraft will also be featuring a number of other products at APEC 2015, including its expanding line of flyback and planar transformers for PoE applications, its XAL/XFL Family of high-performance molded power inductors, and its broad range of AEC-Q200 qualified magnetics for automotive applications.

For more information about the CST2010 Series and Coilcraft’s participation in APEC 2015, contact Len Crane, +1-847-639-6400,

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